Daraz Celebrates Pohela Boishakh with Bkash

Dhaka, April 4th, 2016:daraz.com.bd one of the largest e-commerce businesses in Bangladesh is celebrating the Bengali New Year with a new campaign offering more relevant & innovative products for their customers all over Bangladesh. Amongst them are Packaged Hilsa, Assorted Sweetmeats, localized dresses, ornaments, Punjabis, and many more that will be delivered home in order. Kaymu launched the campaign on the 4th of April which will continue till the 14th of April.

Adding to that Kaymu has tied up with mobile financial service giant BKash for their customer's convenience, offering a maximum of 20% cash-back on any purchase made from the campaign page Pohela Boishakh Exclusive Products, using BKash wallet. The campaign was announced by the Country Manager Quazi Zulquarnain Islam at a prize-giving ceremony for the winners of their just concluded Shadhinota Quiz Contest, which was held on Kaymu’s Facebook page during the Independence Day Campaign.

“We are committed to source the relevant & sought after products during Pohela Boishakh at the best possible price. We also look forward to engaging them with some interesting contests & programs like we did for the Independence Campaign. We will continue to look out for the consumer. About daraz.com.bd Kaymu is the #1 online shopping community that connects and empowers buyers and sellers to build their own success stories. 

It connects buyers and sellers to allow them to take advantage of the best deals on an extensive range of products including electronics, books, fashion items, gadgets, and even cars. Thanks to a fixed price system, Kaymu guarantees that users will always find the lowest prices on the market.

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