Here is How You Can Utilizes the Time in TrafficJAM!

Aha, can you think about the time stuck in Traffic Jam? I am used to this every day and it's really an awkward feel stuck in Traffic Jam for a long while. By the way, I live in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It's a core reason to get the taste of it. Traffic jams have become intolerable in Dhaka. Although a modern city should have 25 percent of its total area devoted to road use citation needed, Dhaka has only 7 percent. 

Some other major reasons are the total absence of a rapid transit system, the lack of an integrated urban planning scheme for over 30 years, poorly maintained road surfaces, with potholes rapidly eroded further by frequent flooding and poor or non-existent drainage, haphazard stopping and parking, poor driving standards, total lack of alternative routes, with several narrow and (nominally) one-way roads. 

Traffic congestion in Dhaka eats up Tk 19,555 crore a year can you think? The estimated loss is more than half the country's total annual development outlay and one-fourth of the revenue collection target for the current fiscal year. Traffic Jam is a major problem across the world, most densely populated countries and cities. Traffic Jam wastes your time, money, and valued human energy which is invaluable. It's really embarrassing.
However, I was thinking about how I can use my time when I am stuck in a traffic Jam for ten minutes to half an hour.

After some of my own research, I got some points that are “ How I can use the time when I am in Traffic Jam” I would like to share these points with you. Hope these points will help you to use the time properly and interestingly when you are in a traffic jam.

Browsing the Internet:
If you have a smartphone and an internet connection so why waiting? Activate the data and check your email, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever social network you like to dive into these social networks and you will see you will pass some time at a sudden.

Checking To-Do list:
You can check your one day to-do list when you are in Traffic Jam. What you have done today and still to be done.

Reading Article:
The E-book is the best way and you can read articles from various content providing websites. Sometimes motivating articles to act as drugs when you are in a Traffic Jam and I felt it.

Reading Book:
Reading books could be a better way to utilize the time and sometimes I just do the same, have a book with me at that time and I just go through with that book.

Listening Song:
Do you have an expensive headphone, so the party is on haha you can listen to the songs you like to hear? Listing songs is the best way I ever found in Traffic jams. Just go to your song list and play your list.

Do you know thinking is an expensive fact? Thinking can give you a boundless imagination there you can find a lot of solutions. So why wait while you are in Traffic Jam.

Get The Taste of Talking:
You can start gossiping if you like the person who is beside you at the time of Traffic Jam. You can start and it could be any topic you like at that time.

Enjoying the Natural Beauty:
Look out from your vehicle’s window and I can assure you that you will get some natural beauty of nature and it could be anything. Just give it a look and be grateful to see these and feel it will give you joy.

Hay these are the points to share with you. I am waiting to hear from you and what you are thinking. Thank you

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