Dog's Barking is a Scary Part You Will Face in Any Street in Japan


Think you are walking on a road at night suddenly you will have the barking of someone‚Äôs beloved dog. What would be your feelings at that time? By the way, often I go out at night and walk alone and this is a common scenario I faced most of the day and from that time I decided I will never make a pet named dog. 

Rural areas in Japan most people have at least one dog in one family. Japanese people love to have a dog as a pet. Dogs are very popular in Japan and really they treat this pet as a part of their family. In Japan, there are many hospital oriented pet animals and if you go to the supermarket you will be surprised that each and every supermarket there is a selected corner for pet animals. 

You can buy these lovely dogs who bark somehow and their food. So my suggestion is for you whenever you will walk on a road or street you have to have the preparation to have this sweet irritating barking somehow I do not like it.

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