Do you want to publish your entrepreneur’s journey? Entrepreneurs’ Directory: Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs in Japan

From 1972 onwards Japan-Bangladesh relationship flourished and reached its 50 years on 10th February 2022. During this time the economic and business relations between the two nations developed to a great extent. Many Entrepreneurs and companies crossed borders and either created or expanded their businesses in the two countries. The number of Bangladeshi nationals residing in Japan is 17,463 (December 2020). Within the last 10 years, many Bangladeshis started businesses in Japan. Halal food, electronics, recycling, automobile, and restaurants are the common businesses they are running. Garments, IT, education, recruiting, and consulting businesses are flourishing.

We do not have any database of all Bangladeshi-owned businesses. If we can compile them together and share knowledge and experience, it might be helpful to expand the existing businesses as well as to create new ones. This year (2022) which marks the 50th anniversary of the friendship of the 2 states begs for something grand to be done, and we believe there could be nothing greater other than strengthening the existing entrepreneurships between the two countries and helping new and emerging ones to rise and play beneficial roles in the development of the economies. Keeping this in mind we Uddod o Uddokta Japan Association are publishing an entrepreneur’s directory (hardcopy) based on the entrepreneurship journeys of many successful Bangladeshi entrepreneurs who have established their businesses in Japan. In our view, this shall encourage many new and emerging entrepreneurs to put efforts into establishing business organizations of their own. 

They will look up to the already established businessmen and try to follow in their footsteps to achieve success. The journeys and thoughts shared by the established ones can serve as guiding lights to the newcomers by providing information that would otherwise be unknown to them. The directory will consist of- 

1. Entrepreneurial journeys of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in Japan, 

2.Their personal profiles.

3. Names and contact information of the organizations. This will directly

publish in the 2022’s annual conference of Uddog o Uddokta which is going to be held on July 2, 2022, virtually. This year our theme is “50 Years of Japan-Bangladesh Relationship and Opportunities for Future Collaboration”. At this conference, around 40 Bangladeshi and Japanese speakers will speak on Japan-Bangladesh relationship and economic issues. We are expecting representatives from Government authority, embassies, JICA, JETRO, FBCCI, Universities, Industries to share their knowledge and experience which may help to progress entrepreneurial initiative in near future. Copies of the directory will be sent to many important organizations, like ministries, embassies, development agencies, business chambers, and other relevant parties. This will serve as a reference book and help to keep a record of the active entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the directory will also serve as an advertisement for the enlisted business organizations. We believe that your participation in this initiative of ours will help us to make it successful and improve your personal and organizational

profile among the two nations. So, if you would like to share and publish your entrepreneurial story,

please register at the following link:

For any queries about this directory, you can visit our website or directly write to us:

Web:, E-mail:

Written by: 

Tahmid Tazwar Khan

Intern (1st Intake), Uddog o Uddokta Japan Association, Japan

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