Creators Can Earn Money Using Twitter's New Feature 'Tip Jar'

Twitter has added a new feature called 'Tip Jar'. As a result, his supporters and well-wishers can easily be financially supported by being inspired by someone's tweet or supporting someone.

A small 'Payment' icon will appear next to the Twitter profile, which can be clicked to send financial support through various payment gateways (PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc.). However, not everyone can turn on this paid feature. In the beginning, content creators, journalists, skilled professionals, non-profits will have the opportunity to add this feature to their profiles.

While this feature has been praised by many, many have questioned the privacy of payment. When someone sends money to a Twitter account holder through PayPal Gateway, the slip sent to them also mentions the postal address of the sender. Which is a violation of personal privacy.

Also, the sender cannot send money without mentioning his email address. And if you send money by specifying the email address, the sender will see it. This is also a limitation.

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