By 2025, the Augmented Reality Market will be Worth 300 Billion

Augmented Reality (AR) will further accelerate 5G technology, said Bob Kai, chief marketing officer of Huawei Career Business Group.

He made the remarks while delivering a keynote address at Huawei's Better World Summit 2021, recently hosted by Virtual, titled "5G + AR, Turning Dreams into Reality."

He said, ‘5G will launch AR and AR will further accelerate 5G technology. Education, social networking, shopping, travel and navigation, and gaming - these five industries will be the first to embrace AR technology. By bringing the real world and the digital world together, AR will make our dreams come true. '

According to Huawei and experts, the augmented reality (AR) market will reach 300 billion by 2025.

Kai called on everyone to work together for the development of the 5G + AR ecosystem. He said, ‘If you want to go somewhere fast, go alone; And if you want to go a long way, take everyone with you. The whole industry needs to work together to develop AR and we all need to create a growing 5G + AR value chain through joint ventures. '

At the summit, Bob Kai announced the release of a white paper on AR's various topics and applications. The White Paper contains a wealth of information on AR devices, applications, and networking.

Many eminent personalities participated and spoke at the summit. They shared their thoughts on the recent use of AR and the future trends in AR technology. 

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