Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thinks just 1-time meal in a day increased his productivity

Jack Dorsey, chief executive of the popular social networking site Twitter, eats only once a day, even at night and He claims that this has increased the efficiency more than before.

Jack Dorsey claims that he is able to concentrate more on his work by following different and strange eating habits.

In a YouTube interview with Wired magazine on Wednesday, the official said this about his changed lifestyle and its benefits.

Dorsey is always out of the ordinary and accustomed to a very strange lifestyle. He is often discussed on social media for his different movements and eating habits.

Dorsey regularly meditates on Vipassana (an ancient meditation process in the hope of gaining wisdom) and fasts for several days in a row. He has a bath with ice water almost every day in winter and summer. For now, the habit of eating only at night is going on.

The Twitter executive said he has fish, chicken, or steak in his dinner every day. It has lots of green vegetables.

"Then I eat a few berries as a dessert, sometimes with dark chocolate." 

Jack Dorsey claims he can concentrate more on work if he doesn't eat all day. You can stay much fresher the whole time, the brain stays alert.

"I can stay focused all day long… then when I go to bed at night, I lose sleep within a maximum of 10 minutes of going to bed, never before," he said.

Dinner provides the necessary nutrients for Dorsey to run the next day. And bathing in the ice-water of the morning invigorates him and makes his mind clear.

However, Dorsey must make sure that the diet contains a lot of vitamin C.

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