Top 10 startup in Bangladesh

The population of Bangladesh has been increasing rapidly over the past few decades. With the augmentation of the population, the economy of the country has not been developing at the same pace. Therefore, in Bangladesh, there has been a severe shortage of business industries that results in the increasing unemployment problem.

Eventually, numerous social problems have been a regular companion in our country. To solve such an alarming problem, there is hardly any substitution for a startup. Considering the graveness of startups, we have decorated this article with the top 10 successful startups in Bangladesh. We hope it may encourage you to take a startup as your means of life.


It is the leading and biggest entertaining catalog where there are more than 30.000 mostly demanded dramas, movies, TV shows, songs, and music videos. You can consider it a native version of Netflix that makes the contents of Bangladesh available through a mobile app and its official website. 

Till today it has been a beta-testing startup that already owns a base consisting of 125 million mobile phone users of Bangladesh and also in the scattering all over the world. This is important to cite that it has already been voted as the “Most Promising Startup”.

2.Light Castle Partners:

LightCastle Partners is such a company that provides consumer research and market insight. The startup is established with a motive to interrupt the old-style market exploration industry of Bangladesh with LightCastle Data- its fresh product. It is a self-serving stage that is willing to offer the access of business to insights from the company’s market group regarding their goods, packing, valuing, and other related ideas.

The defendants who are registered with LightCastle Data take a review, which the respondents can monetize through the reward partners such as coffee shops and food franchises. The sole purpose is to make points. However, the utilization of the service can let companies decrease the budget by half if paralleled to outdated market research. Moreover, under the service businesses can get insights faster with an entrée to a real-time instrument panel where the business persons can track reactions.

3. Parallax Logic:

It is a digital agency that delivers solutions to numerous e-commerce problems. The agency’s most groundbreaking creation, inclined to Innovation Xtreme, regards shopping as a common social activity but it is a matter of sorrow that the e-commerce platforms of Bangladesh do not provide an actual social experience. Taking the issue seriously the agency formed an effective communal e-commerce experience of shopping that has an excellent global potentiality.

4.Buckets Engineer

Buckets Engineer renders subscription-grounded provision to 1.5+ million Bangladeshi autistic children so that they can advance their abilities. The startup has already created a center of applications and equipment letting the educators, parents, and therapists create personalized dynamic approaches for learning, which are reformed for the children who are disabling in learning.  All of the apps of Buckets Engineer let track the kids’ development and offer direction throughout the development process.

It provides the children with numerous input sources like a mouse, touch, keypad, and gesture for developing the training. The aim of the startup is to finally assimilate the project within the standard schools all over Bangladesh.The startup was at first initiated with the participation in Dell arranged the ‘’Education Innovation Challenge 2013’’. In the competition, the Buckets Engineer held the position of one of the best 50 semi-finalists. Moreover, the startup accomplished the GIST contest in 2014.

5.Kokhon is a collaboration of a renowned software company of Bangladesh known as Infrablue Technology and an innovative startup called PreneurLab. The sole aim was to be dedicated to all kinds of events taking place in Dhaka.

The site is extremely personalized that suggests events, allows for appraisals, and offers other features including mood meter.

Even the agency plans to assist the arrangers to establish services for e-payment for ticketing either through DBL or B-Kash. All the events are listed for free though particular honors are offered only to the superior users.


BDonlinePharmacy is the first Bangladeshi Online pharmacy service provider. They are first in Bangladesh to provide online pharmacy support with home delivery. Just order your product to them then their home delivery person will reach your address as you required. The home delivery person will confirm you before they reach your address as per your given Number.

Payment Type: After getting the document and products you will pay. It's simple and it will be. They are providing service 24/7. In Bangladesh first online pharmacy idea and concept introduced by BDonlinePharmacy


A community of professionals and hobbyist photographers of Bangladesh. You can share your valued photos at and can sell across the world. Simply sell your Bangladeshi photography across the world’s customer cloud. is one of the unique and trendy startup projects for Bangladeshi Photographers.

8.Lidia May

The purpose of founding Lidia May was to turn the Bangladeshi embroidery workmanship into an international extravagant fashion retailing the manufactured bags to the world market. The startup basically wants to introduce the local hand-made art scene and crafts to the world market that can lessen the poverty problem of Bangladesh considerably empowering the women.

9.Biponee: is founded with the aim to be the leading e-commerce stage in Bangladesh. It is essentially a project of Brainstation-23, which is a renowned software firm in Bangladesh. The tagline of the agency is “shopping is just a click away” and it has already supplied merchandise to 30.000 customers.


Zuumzuum is an ideal e-commerce platform where lifestyle shoppers can seek for trustworthy branded goods at reasonable values throughout the market of South Asia. However, the startup has been set up by a former expert of Groupon who came back to Bangladesh from Australia and the UK with a versatile command over the domain.

So, in the end, it is seen that a startup in Bangladesh can be very lucrative and useful if introduced with full of passion and patience. The above-mentioned startups were much needed for the context of Bangladesh and still, Bangladesh needs more startups like these, otherwise, the economy of the country will lag behind keeping a huge number of people unemployed. Therefore, it is time, you came forward and did something both for yourself and the countrymen. 

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