Top 10 Software Farms in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is going to be the next destination area for all the software holic people or companies in the world. This country got a huge potential for software development and related other support. Bangladesh has a tremendously powerful and knowledgeable young generation right now, which is a really rare case, 

But most of the people or interested parties don't know much about the opportunity in Bangladesh because of the branding or timeline. Bangladesh could be the next destination for any multinational company or interested parties. I am going to mention some points, why Bangladesh could be the next destination for Software development.

  • Highly skilled and educated generation.

  • Easy company setup system for any multinational

  • Dhaka is the entrepreneur-friendly city 

  • Employee cost is reasonable and 

  • People of Bangladesh are really welcoming.

There are many more reasons. Because of these opportunities, many international companies have found their destination in Bangladesh. I am going to mention below the top 10 Multinational Software farms in Bangladesh.

1. Cefalo:

Cefalo is a Norwegian consultancy and offshoring company with the main services and development department in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company offers software development and maintenance services mainly for European clients.The company was founded in 2010 based on the Norwegian management’s experiences from developing what became Escenic and Vizrt’s R&D centers in Dhaka.

Country origin Norway.


Therap Services is a US-based company with an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have been operating since 2003. Therap is a global team of professionals with diverse expertise working together across the USA and Bangladesh. They believe in its a company, service, and product strives to make a difference in the lives of people and helps to make it a better world.

Therap is the National leader in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to government and private organizations supporting people with developmental disabilities in the US. They have built an Internet-scale application using Java EE technologies which accommodates nearly

half a million people. 

3. SamsungR&D:

Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (SRBD) started its operation in June 2010 and was officially inaugurated in February 2011. It is also the first R&D hub of a multinational company in Bangladesh. Major research areas of SRBD include mobile app development and commercialization, mobile platform verification and testing, and local business support. Country Origin Korea.


The main activity of Widespace is mobile experts committed to advertising that captivates and marketing that engages. They are in an expansive phase and are currently in nine countries in Europe and have a development center in Bangladesh. Country origin Sweden. 

5. Vantage Labs:

Vantage Lab is another USA based software and internet service provider company in Bangladesh. Their core expertise area is Java, PHP, AngularJS. Vantage Labs is a privately-held organization that incubates products with new ideas in Big Data Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Understanding, Learning, and Collaboration.

6. Vizrt:

Vizrt is a worldwide market leader in the areas of real-time 3D graphics, studio automation, sports analysis, and asset management tools for the media and entertainment industry. This includes interactive and virtual solutions, animations, maps, weather, story and video editing, compositing, and multiplatform VOD and lives playout tools.

Vizrt has customers in more than 100 countries worldwide and the list keeps growing each day. This is made possible by nearly 600 engaged and very competent employees in 40 offices around the world. Vizrt’s business model provides its customers with complete packages, including hardware, professional services, installations, support, etc. Origin Country Norway.


SELISE is an international software firm specializing in driving business performance through strategy consulting, software development, and content creation. The heart of SELISE is rapid application development for web, noui, and mobile, using highly scalable and modular technology stacks. Origin Country Switzerland.

8. NewsCred:

NewsCred offers innovative technology, the largest and most diverse content offerings, and unrivaled expertise. Recognized as the leader in Content Marketing, NewsCred delivers high-performing content and related services at scale for the world's most successful brands, enabling them to attract, engage, and retain key audiences while driving measurable business outcomes. Origin Country the USA 


Planning and Development for Mobile Applications and Web Applications Business Applications Development. UX Design, UI, and Visual Design for Mobile Applications and Web Sites. Origin Country Japan.

10. Escenic:

Escenic was founded in 1999 with the mission of providing a news CMS to all media companies wanting to publish online. This early start in the online news industry combined with a technological focus has caused well-established newsrooms like Trinity Mirror, Axel Springer, and JP/Politikens Hus to trust us with their cross-media publishing needs. 

In 2013, Escenic was bought by CCI Europe, a leading provider of editorial and advertising solutions for news environments.CCI Europe is furthermore owned by the Stibo Foundation, based in Aarhus, Denmark. Being a foundation, Stibo not only continuously re-invests its own profit for future development but also sponsors science and culture. 

With a triple-A credit rating granted by Bisnode, the Stibo Foundation is known to be an excellent and trustworthy business partner. Therefore, when working with Escenic, a feeling of safety, security, and stability will emerge. Escenic's headquarters are in Oslo, Norway, but we run operations in Bangladesh, Denmark, USA, Brazil, Germany, and other places. Origin Country Norway. 

Above mentioned are the top 10 Multinational Software farms in Bangladesh. There are many more companies but we just ranked top 10. The interesting news is many companies are coming to Bangladesh because of the inside opportunity in Bangladesh to set up their business lets see what happens after 5 to 10 years. 

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