Reasons Behind Young American Moving to Japan

Below Mentioned are the points found in one of our research that  Reasons Behind Young American Moving to Japan :

1. Affordable Healthcare 

2. Low Crime Rate and no Gun Violence

3.  No Catcalling in the Streets.

4. Lots of Vacant Jobs.

5. Cool Culture 

6. No Social Craziness 

7. Healthy Organic food is widely available and affordable.

8. General Social stability, little divisiveness, and volatility. and 

9. Japan really, really needs a young working population.

Mostly Japan is a whole new experience for American young generation. Both countries are almost different and whenever they exchange the culture for a while, they get to know a lot more different things about a different culture. It's absolutely true that they both have a different norm of culture and that's why the young generation from both countries want to exchange their culture.

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