Introducing Air Conditioning T-shirts!

To keep thyself fit in winter or summer, Sony has brought air-conditioned T-shirts to the market.

The company has brought a new device in the market to make the clothes AC or air conditioner. By putting that device in a T-shirt, anyone can protect themselves from the unbearable heat outside, just as they can keep themselves warm in winter.

Equivalent to a wallet in size, the Rayon Pocket device is a Bluetooth-dependent device. The device is made with special silicone material. A small pocket for holding the device is placed on the back of the T-shirt.

The Reon Pocket device will run through an app. On a hot day, the device can reduce the body temperature up to about 13 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the Rion Pocket will be able to increase the temperature by 8 degrees Celsius even on winter days.

The device is usually designed for those who want to keep themselves fit for work in winter and summer.

The device will run for 90 minutes with only two hours of charge. However, the Rion Pocket device is not yet available in the market, only in Japan, the device is available. Initially, the device was priced at 120 US dollars or about ten thousand Bangladeshi Taka.

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