Human Beings are Sitting in a Dormant Volcano of 10 Million Unknown Viruses

Not just corona, people are actually sitting on the dormant volcano of the virus. It could explode at any moment. That is what the scientists and researchers are saying. They say it's time to look at human health in isolation from other animal worlds, plants, or the environment as a whole. Failure to make connections between these four points may result in the rate of virus transmission getting out of control in the future.

Rajesh Bhatia, former director of Communicable Diseases at the World Health Organization's (WHO) South-East Asia Region Office, says there are currently about 1.5 million unidentified viruses in the animal kingdom. At least seven million of them are capable of transmitting any virus. Of these, only 260 viruses have been identified. In his words, "Human health and animal health problems should not be looked at separately. The disease should be identified through the ‘One Health’ policy and it should be prevented at the beginning of the infection. If not, there are many more coronaviruses in wildlife that can spread large-scale infections at any time. "

Scientists report that SARS-COVE, MARS, avian flu, Kerala's Nipah virus, SARS-COV-2 are all animal-borne diseases of the last four decades. Failure to identify the virus in the first stage of infection is increasing the level of infection. "We are sitting on a time bomb of viruses," Maria Soderlund Venermo, a researcher in the virology department at the University of Helsinki in Finland, told us. To stop its eruption, all markets for wildlife like Wuhan must be shut down. It is especially important to stop hunting and eating any animal like Bats, Rat, and Monkey. Otherwise, there is a risk of further epidemics. " The treatment will remain elusive. Covid-19 has made it clear that the 'One Health' policy can no longer be denied. The issue has also been discussed at the United Nations. 

In the words of Rajesh Bhatia, “The last four decades have been a decade of viruses. In the last 40 years, 18 new pathogens have been identified. 12 new viruses have come from one or another animal. Twelve more viruses are thought to be playing a significant role in the global epidemic.

As a result, scientists believe that the only goal now should be to eradicate the latent volcanic eruption of the virus.

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