Child Slave Camel Jockeys in UAE

Camel racing is the national sport here in the United Arab Emirates. Camel racing is one of the favorite pastimes here in UAE. This is the popular sport here for the wealthiest sheikh, but in this camel racing, child camel jockeys are using for their entertainment. Most of the child boys here are foreign and they were bought by smugglers. These children are used in the race to get the taste of racing. Is it humanity in 2015?

It’s a human cargo business here. Many of the boys have been kidnapped from Pakistan and Bangladesh. These boys are kidnapped for only $500-$600 so they can race for the pleasure of Sheikh. In a sense, they are doing child slavery in this modern age.

These children are not getting proper food, living space, health support. Trainers are doing atrocities with these children. Whenever any journalist and foreign people go to that child they tell “please give us freedom” it’s really heartbreaking for humanity.

UAE pretends they don’t have any child camel jockeys anymore. The authority of UAE told that they don’t have any child jockeys any more but that was not true enough, still here in the race child laborers jockeys are available. In the training site of the desert everywhere the “No Photography” sign is hanging but beyond this sign in the spot of training there are many children and they practice camel racing over there. They were training in 110 degree heat. 

When the trainers train those boys at that time they beat those boys if they make any mistake. When they hit over child blood came out even though, they picked them up and threw them on the ground sometime. If the child doesn’t work, then the trainer is tied up with chains. These trainers do also sex with these children.

If you go to the camp of the children there is no electricity in the camp. If you go there you will see that they do all kinds of dirty work in the campsite example clearing the camp and many more. Six years child also boiled tea for his master. The food condition is too bad here for the children and if a boy grows about 50 pounds of his wages the trainer decreases the food of that boy. For proper riding, they need to lose weight to get fit in.

The ruling families are in charge of the racing industry and they run track with these camels by child jockeys. Sheikhs are the slave traitors and they are doing this slavery practice with these kidnapped children. These boys are run by the royal family of Dubai the richest of the emirates.

Here is a playground of the crown prince known Sheikh Mohammad. He is the richest and powerful man in the Middle East who loves camel racing and there is a camel hospital where his camel gets the finest treatment and gets all the luxury treatment, training, and food. Even though those camels have a pool for their bath. According to the sheikhs these camels are very expensive but not those Camel Jockeys children. The boys are for 500 dollars and the camels are for millions.

It’s really inhuman activity nowadays. They should not practice in this way for their pleasure. They should have a minimum of humanity. We all hope that they will stop this kind of practice and will make the children release from this.

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