Bangladeshi young generation should practice more team work and grouping

I think young generation in Bangladesh like to feel self centralized and self sufficient.its a very good sign. But if you observe in bigger scenario you should have the mind and capacity of building team work.

That is we Bangladeshi should more polite and co-operative inside us. We like to help other people than ours it's so funny isn't it?

We have to understand us, make a bonding with us and have the cooperative attitude within us. Always keep in mind we are Bangladeshi we are superior. If you found some Bangladeshi having trauble just go and solve their problem. 

We found our country after a long sacrifice always keep it in mind by the way I was talking about the team work. I found it's a lacking within Bangladeshi young generation. Mostly they have very less team work and a proper friend scircle and most interestingly they always think how I myself can get rid from a worse situation not with the team. It's so sad. We have to give us this attitude. Always think about other member. 

If you want to start a business with friends go and do it perfectly and I am assuring you will get success in business. A simple example in Bangladesh is"Pathao". 

"Pathao" was a combination of three friends hardwork and they succesed.  So always believe in team work and work and cooperatse each other like it's your own. Always be helpful with your friends and co-worker. Just forget about all jelesy. 

And lastly always keep in mind we are the finest nation and we have the best proof of team work in 19971 war. 

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