Alibaba opens door to US sellers to sell globally on its platform

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has opened its doors to, the oldest business platform for US retailers. From now on, US businesses will be able to sell their equipment to other retailers through Alibaba's wholesale business website in other countries around the world, including the United States.

The new decision will allow Alibaba, which deals mainly with Chinese-based vendors, to compete with global e-commerce giants such as Amazon.

According to, they already have about one crore active business buyers in 190 countries and regions of the world. This time, sellers in the United States will also have the opportunity to do business with this group of buyers.

US manufacturer Robinson Fresh has joined Alibaba. Alibaba has a 'strategic cooperation agreement' with Office Depot, a US company that supplies office equipment.

Until recently, US merchants used to buy goods from Chinese vendors on Most of the small to medium businesses are involved in this platform.

An online payment system has been added to in addition to providing direct business opportunities to US retailers. This will allow American businesses to reach new buyers from around the world, including China.

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