A Simple Guide to Baby Thermometers

ACCURATE & RELIABLE - Our highly reliable and accurate ear and forehead thermometer gives you a fast 1-second reading of your babys temperature. Our tri-mode advance infrared thermometers are built to give you an ease of mind. Highly recommended by Pediatricians and Medical Professionals for it's reliability and easy to use functions. Fever temperature

 EASY TO USE - Our Baby Thermometer is best suited for home use, with no complicated set up, just use it upon opening. Toggle between ear, forehead and room temperature with just 1 button, and clear icon indication to show you the function selected. Switch between Farenheit and Degree Celcius Readings easily by holding the "MEM" button for 3 seconds.

30 DAYS MANUFACTURER'S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We offer you a hassle free 100% FULL refund if you are unsatisfied with our product. This is how confident we are of our quality product. Absolutely NO RISK for you! Click the Add To Cart Button to get yours now!

 MONITOR BABY'S FEVER EASILY - We understand that monitoring your baby's fever can be very exhausting with a fussy and crying baby, that is why, we use the ear and forehead function to take quick readings without making baby uncomfortable with oral or armpit thermometers.

 LET YOUR CHILD SLEEP PEACEFULLY - Just when you have finally put your fussy baby down to sleep, the silent mode function will ensure that you can still monitor your sick baby without waking him/her up. Unlike other thermometers that will only keep beeping with fever indication, our thermometers show Color Indication as well for fever warning.
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