Red Coral gemstone: Origins, benefits, and how to wear it

Revered in Vedic Astrology as one of the navratnas, Red Coral has long been an object of fascination to jewel-lovers. Known as ‘Moonga in Hindi language, the Red Coral is governed by the planet Mars (Mangal). The precious gem-lovers due to its lively, bright colour. Red Coral is found in sea, formed out of the remains of small and simple marine invertebrate animals like coral polyps.

 Also known as ‘Precious Coral’, the gemstone is valued not just in Vedic Astrology, but also in various cultures across the globe. “Red Coral has enjoyed a special status in the Roman, Mediterranean and Native American cultures,” says celebrity astrologer and gemologist Dr Sundeep Kochar.

Dr Kochar also sheds light upon the origins and benefits of wearing Red Coral. He also shares the correct procedure to follow while wearing the gemstone.

 Red Coral origins

Although the precious Red Coral is found worldwide, the variety found in Italy is considered the best. The Mediterranean nation has been the top coral trader for over 200 years, accounting to about 75 per cent of the world’s Red Coral supply. Apart from Italy, Red Coral is also found in countries like Japan, Australia and Taiwan.

 Benefits of wearing Red Coral

Ruled by the God of warfare and vitality, Mangal, Red Coral is believed to aid the wearer overcome his/her adversaries. “Moonga provides the wearer with the necessary courage and enthusiasm to surmount all obstacles of life. It also pulls the wearer out of lethargic attitude,” quips Sundeep Kochar, one of the top astrologers in India.

He adds, “The gemstone also uplifts the wearer’s spirits, thus helping the ones suffering from depression.

How to wear Red Coral?

Ruled by the planet Mars, Red Coral should be worn embedded in a gold, silver or copper ring. “The best time to wear the Moonga gemstone is on a Tuesday morning. Before you wear it, cleanse it by dipping into Gangajal for about 5 minutes,” says Dr Sundeep Kochar.

He further suggests sitting on a red cloth facing the East while wearing Red Coral. “The ring should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand. While wearing the ring, the wearer must chant the mantraOm Ang Angarkay Namah’ to invoke the blessings of Lord Mangal.”

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