Top 10 Reasons Nationalist Countries are Often Not the Right Place to Grow Your Potentials

You may be roaming around the world or having a long time in your country or out. Maybe, planning to fulfill your dream of going out the border. Good initiative I think but it doesn't mean you will succeed for sure and there is a possibility but not surity. 

By the way, I am going to share with you some of my opinions but it's not granted.

1. Language Barrier 

If you want to live in a nationalist country Without knowing their language I would say, you are lagging behind 5 years of yourself. Without the language in a nationalist country, you are not capable of exploring your inner potential in most situations. Very impossible to let your creativity or entrepreneurial activity work for you. An exception can not be an example to remind it.  

2. Time-Consuming 

Time is money. If you are planning to make your dream come true without preparation you are going to waste your time. So what does preparation mean here?

  1. Language and 

  2. Finance 

Don't be a victim to coming to a nationalist country without the preparation in most cases. Again, the situation is not similar for everyone. Someone who fits well in this situation it's different. 

3. Growing Yourself 

They will always have their own rules and regulations. You as foreigners might face the problem of proper growing due to their centralized rules and regulation. They might pre-planned that you as a foreigner will not have the same opportunities that their own people have.

4. Rules

Rules are beautiful but excessive rules are rude to have. Some nationalist countries have their own created rules and it's very difficult sometimes to adopt. If you found some funny rules you have to maintain I don't know what would be your opinion. 

5. Adopt a cultural 

Adopting a culture is not always an easy task. I felt that sometimes in some countries they want you to adopt their culture forcefully or by their rules whenever you will be in their place. I am not bound to adopt but I can respect. 

6. Believe in their Philosophy 

Nationalist countries have a deep philosophical belief which I appreciate but they tend to make you believe that you should believe in their philosophy. As a foreigner, you might have some difficulties believing in their philosophy.

7. Express of freedom

Nationalist countries are far more conservative than multicultural countries. If you go to the police station or any other government services you might feel the same. Most of the time they try to maintain a priority. Excessive priority sometimes feels awkward.   

8. It's not my second home feeling 

maybe, you chose a country to live in but after you come there you might think it's not the right place to live in. Because of their cultural excessiveness, you might find it difficult to believe that it's my second home. 

9. Ego 

In some cultural rules in nationalists, you may find some ego problems. If you think about the Japanese Job culture in some cases you might find some behavior that is egoistic. They might think that they are always right and which is not. 

10. Worthlessness 

I found many people who have passed more than 10 to 12 years in a country and after that they have regret. Nationalist countries may give you the feeling of worthlessness. 

Nationalist countries should think more widely and every nationalist country must have a law for the foreigners who are coming to their countries so that they can have the proper survival component.

Thank you 

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