Simple Photo Retouching Techniques.

The skill of a professional photographer is not only in the ability to make the right artistic composition and the skills of using special equipment. Any representative of this sphere must retouch pictures, which significantly increases the quality of photos. As a result, defects that could not be removed during the shooting are fixed, certain details are emphasized. Improving the quality of the image is also used as part of digitizing video, which allows you to get a colorful picture with high resolution. Conduct a basic photo retouch on the forces and the amateur, but for this you need to know a few simple methods of processing.

Basic methods

First of all, you can try to increase the natural intensity of light, since this indicator creates a certain texture of the image. Some places of photography may look too shaded, others, on the contrary, stand out with excessive brightness. As a rule, in this case an additional layer is created in the editor, with the help of which the base is clarified or shaded. The color, the hue of which must be changed, is selected by means of a pipette.

Also for photo retouching, level manipulation can be performed, which consists in determining the darkest and lightest places in the photo. As a result, the number of tints in the original image increases or decreases, which gives the picture a certain effect?

Additional techniques

Image processing also involves tone correction, which allows you to emphasize the texture of objects in the photo. This method is widely used to create a relief background on portrait shots. The change in the contrast of medium tones makes it possible to increase the quality of details in photographs and is used to process landscape and landscape materials. As a rule, the technique consists in selecting several gradients, which are given certain values. Also, within the framework of retouching pictures, a reduction in "noise" is widely used, which can be unpleasant for the human eye. In any case, retouching photos is a long and painstaking work.

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