The 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World

Written By: Mustafa Mahmud Hassan
In 2016, technology brands dominated the top 10 as previous year. This year Google is the mostvaluable global brand ahead of Apple which was the top brand previous year. It is the secondtime the company has topped the list in the past three years, after fighting Apple for the first spot,according to BrandZ ranking, an annual report by Millward Brown, a brand consultancy. Thereport tracks the worth of the world’s best brands and is based on interviews with more than 3million consumers as well as data on each company’s financial and business performances.The top 10 most valuable brands names and their short details are given below:1.Google:Its brand value is now $229 billion. The tech giant's brand value surged by 32%over the past year, making it the most valuable brand in the world. The Companydominates online search in the Western world. Google introduced Alphabet in October2015, which allows its separate businesses to operate independently and move faster.This isn't the first time Google has secured the top spot in the BrandZ ranking. It was alsoat the top of the list from 2007 to 2010, and again in 2014.
More: Look at Google's brand new logo2. Apple:Apple's brand value dropped 8% over the past year, putting it just below Googlein the BrandZ ranking. Its brand value is now $228 billion. The company launched theApple Watch in April, but that has not yet appealed the customers in spite of selling moreunits than its other competitors. Perception towards the brand has been shifting in spite ofselling millions of iPhones and other products. Apple was smart to invest in otherbusiness areas. It's move to invest in Didi Chuxing in China has shown that how Applehas progressively moved to building an ecosystem served not only by gadgets, but alsoservices. It also launched Apple music, which rolled out last summer.3. Microsoft: Its brand value is $122 billion. It has maintained its No. 3 position for thesecond year in a row. Its brand valuation increased by 5% .The Company has long usedits Windows software as a cash cow, but its latest Windows 10 offering has been a truecrowd-pleaser. It operates on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones while also workingwell with Apple products. The company recently announced its plans for virtual reality.It's working to get its Windows Holographic platform into as many devices as possible,just like it did with Windows when personal computers first hit the market. For keepinglaser-focused, the company has streamlined its smartphone hardware business.4. AT&T: AT&T is one of the top American telecoms firms in terms of brand value. Itsbrand valuation increased 20% since last year. Now its brand value is $107.4 billion. Lastyear its rank was 6. AT&T is trying to become more of a lifestyle brand for consumers,providing entertainment services in addition to typical telecoms offerings. It also formedconnected car partnerships with automakers, including Ford, BMW, and Tesla.5. Facebook:Facebook has made his place into top 10 for the first time after its brandvaluation shot up by 44% over the past year. Its brand value is now $103 billion. Lastyear its position was 12 in ranking. The company has grown its brand by entering newareas. As an example, Facebook recently introduced Bots for Messenger, which will helpusers access everything from weather updates to shopping notifications and personalizednews. Facebook also bought Instagram and Whatsapp last year.

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6.Visa:Its brand value is $101 billion. Visa's brand valuation climbed 10% compared tolast year. Its rank was 5 last year. Visa has been around a long time but it's still trying toreinvent how payments are made. For example, it recently announced it's testing a newwearable ‘Debit ring’ that could replace normal debit cards. Customers also appreciatethat the company is a leader in online security. Visa is the only financial brand in the top10 this year. The company is a big sponsor of sporting events. It is maintaining itspartnership with FIFA and also the NFL and the Olympics.7.Amazon: This is the first time Amazon has made his place into top 10 ranking. Its rankwas 14 last year. Its brand value is $99. The company is creating its own entertainmentcontent and has ramped up an impressive delivery and logistic business, disrupting anindustry that was traditionally dominated FedEx and UPS. The company is not onlysatisfying consumer needs, but also creating new desires. Amazon's brand valuation hassoared by 59% in the past year.8.Verizon: Its brand value is $93 billion. It has increased its brand value by 8% over thepast year as it continues to offer more content to its customers. Last year its position was7 in ranking. The firm's multi-billion dollar takeover of AOL was part of its plan tocreate a major player in the digital media business by combining one of the biggestmobile networks with a leading content producer.9. McDonald’s:The McDonald&'s brand is holding up well considering but it is stillstruggling with negative perceptions about its unhealthy food. Its brand value is $89billion. It has maintained its No. 9 position for the second year in a row. The fast foodchain is trying to hold a healthier image for itself, which can be seen in its push topromote McCafé beverages over soft drinks. McDonald&'s brand value is up 9% from lastyear.10.IBM:Its brand value is $86 billion. Last year its rank was 4. It is working totransition  from software and services business to a cloud company. But as it undergoesthis transformation, its brand value has slid, down 13% in 2015 and another 8% in2016.IBM has rattled off 16 straight quarters of sales declines, and last month itannounced its worst quarterly sales since 2002.The company is investing in cognitivecomputing and artificial intelligence, which has impressed the public.From above list, we can sum up that to satisfy the customers, the brands have to beinnovative and transparent about their works. Otherwise, they can not survive in thiscompetitive brand’s world.
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