Software for Visualization of 3D Interior

In the past architects using professional ink pens - created unique construction projects on special sloping boards installed vertically at an angle. Such a painstaking work required maximum care patience and perfect accuracy in calculations. The era of global computerization made it possible to take a different look at the activities in the field of visual design. Software for visualizing the interior marked a breakthrough in the field of architectural design making life easier for millions of professionals on the planet.

Software for visualization of interior

The review focuses on the three most popular software products of 3-D design. The list includes Software for modeling and visualization of the interior widely distributed among professionals:

Cinema 4D;

Google Sketch Up;

3Ds Max.

The user is given a choice: to order 3d visualization or having estimated the characteristics of the presented Software to create their own unique projects. A popular package for animation and 3D graphics production.

The most attractive for Universal designers is the universal package - 3d visualization of the interior the program Cinema 4D from the leading manufacturer of 3D animation graphics and other special effects - MAXON Computer GmbH. The advantages of the product were appreciated by millions of users:

Has a simple accessible interface;

Stores a lot of various "billet" allowing you to use ready-made animations built-in images extended shaders and not create objects "from scratch"

Can work with third-party renderers. The most popular is Cinema 4D Vray a universal rendering system that has proven itself in all areas of professional visualization;

There are 10 additional modules: simulation of the dynamics of soft and solid bodies particle control with the help of a node system the formation of volumetric (volumetric) effects (sun rays dust rain) and others. The system has excellent compatibility with third-party Software such as Adobe after Effects ArchiCad.

Cinema 4D - the best program for visualizing the interior according to experts from various areas of professional design architecture and construction design.

 Google Sketch Up - Simulation of simple three-dimensional objects

The program for creating an interior visualization together with the Google Sketch up Vray renderer allows you to quickly and efficiently design three-dimensional building objects furniture and other elements in the design of the premises.

Perfectly suitable for visualization of objects in architecture outdoor advertising landscape design engineering design as well as when modeling objects for printing on a 3D printer.

The main drawback lies in the limited solution of more complex problems in which it is difficult or impossible:

Build models with complex structural elements;

Give natural curvature to objects;

To create reliable detail.

To work with volume and energy-intensive projects Google Sketch Up is not suitable. Looking at the result the specialist can easily understand in which program visualization of the interior is made for example the appearance of the shadows looks unnatural. It is also impossible to manage raster textures. There are no tools for full-fledged animation creation.

Autodesk 3ds Max - a modern tool for professionals in the field of multimedia

Designers who study Software for visualizing the interior experts recommend popularized software that allows you to create accurate 3Ds Max Vray scene rendering systems. Embedded rendering Vray is not included in the standard 3Ds Max package.

Features of the system consist in editing and creating professional animation and three-dimensional graphics in the production of films games animation video. The program is focused on the design of complex architectural objects. There are many useful tools in it:

Photorealistic visualizer;

Means for adjusting the illumination and detailed analysis of three-dimensional objects;

Additional modules for the formation of realistic special effects: explosions water splashes and much more;

Considering the shortcomings it should be noted that the design and visualization of the interior in the program is quite slow. To create complex volumetric structures will require high-tech hardware. Some novice users complain about the difficulty in mastering the program but this product is not designed to work with typical elementary tasks. Reviewed in the article Software for visualization of the interior are necessary for the effective work of professional designers and designers.

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