Professional 3D visualization of objects

What is 3D visualization of objects? Specialists give the clearest definition; 3D visualization is an integral part of architectural design which allows you to graphically create the exterior and interior of a building with maximum realism. In other words this is a modern computer graphics with the help of three-dimensional models of both residential and industrial buildings are created. Professional visualization of real estate allows you to simply and clearly communicate your idea to the customer which makes visualization an optimal tool for creating complex architectural projects.

The objects include:

-Buildings and structures of various orientations (industry housing infrastructure buildings facilities in recreation areas);

-Interior residential hotel;

-Furniture and decoration items;

-Jewelry and luxury goods;

-Machines and mechanisms;

-Vehicles and much more.

-The list can be continued indefinitely but we will focus on architecture.

Efficiency of 3D visualization in architecture

Realizing that such a 3D visualization of objects when creating architectural projects appreciating its high efficiency all architectural bureaus and design studios took it as a basis for performing orders of varying complexity. Spatial and volumetric representation of buildings allows seeing in the smallest details the future structure and at the early stage of the design making the necessary adjustments.

Other advantages that distinguish 3D visualization of industrial objects and residential buildings profile specialists note the following:

- High resolution and bulk model;

- The effect of presence allowing to "touch" the future structure;

- Scale allowing to create not only the object but also the landscape around it;

- Prompt execution of any amount of work of varying complexity;

- The output is the most photo realistic visualization;

- Low cost of 3d visualization and modeling texture of objects;

- Convenient editing of images saving time and money.

In addition high-quality visualization of real estate allows you to create voluminous models of buildings with different weather conditions which makes it possible to see the structure in terms as close to reality as possible. Competent visualization can significantly increase the commercial value of the building because a rare customer understands the drawings and he will immediately appreciate the idea of ​​a three-dimensional model.

Ways of 3d visualization of buildings and its cost or what is 3d visualization of buildings

Due to the availability of various programs for photographers photo realistic visualization is performed in two main ways: visualization of exteriors, creation of a remote external appearance of buildings; visualization of interiors, creation of internal conditions of buildings. At the same time visualization of industrial objects is no different from 3D modeling of residential buildings.

The basic principle of creating visualization of any 3D objects in rendering programs can be seen in the image below.

The cost of 3D visualization is calculated from the following factors: the complexity of the facade of the object the presence of trim elements and their number; the complexity of the landscape that surrounds the structure; complexity of the interior; a number of additional works (lighting rain). Only when you understand what 3D visualization of objects is you can evaluate its significance and effectiveness in architectural design.

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