3D Modeling services in Germany

NBY IT Solution is the leading 3D Modeling services provider in Germany. Computer technologies conquer many aspects of life. Color panoramas of rooms on paper are in the past. They are replaced by a virtual tour with a realistic interior, with glare of sunlight, deep colors and an atmosphere of coziness. 3d Modeling and visualization of the product architectural interior does not just help you see an approximate layout, but will help you find yourself in a real things. 3d panorama allows you to see the interior from the most advantageous point of view.

Our 3D Modeling services includes:

3D modeling of cabinet furniture

3D modeling of upholstered furniture

3D Modeling of furniture for kitchen

3D Product Modeling

3D Object modeling

3D Model for AR and VR

Creating 3D models is a tool that is suitable for promoting and advertising products in the consumer market. With the help of three-dimensional models, you can create a quality product configurator for the site. The positions of your resource will grow and the assortment catalog will become even more conversion.

Low cost of modeling along with high quality will ensure the success of the advertising campaign and increase the competitiveness of your products.

What you need to create a model:

- Overall dimensions of the modeled object;

- Drawings or sketches;

- Photography from the Internet.

The cost of 3d modeling depends on the complexity of the model being created (elements of classical carving and complex curvilinear forms will lead to more expensive and longer work). For an exact calculation of the price of 3d modeling, please contact us by phone: +008801715749788 or send an email to info@nbyit.com

Cost of 3d modeling:

3D modeling Kitchens - from 100 Dollar

Up holstered furniture - from 80 Dollar.

Cabinet furniture - from 30 Dollar.

Modeling of objects - from 40 Dollar.

Terms of execution from 3 days.

Creating a 3D tour

The cost of creating a 3D tour depends on the number of panoramas.

Example: one-room apartment (room, kitchen, bathroom) - 3х400 = 1200 Dollar.

Terms of execution from 5 days.

3D design: (the price is negotiable). More about designing furniture

The prices are approximate. Each project is considered individually. Discrepancies with the above mentioned prices may not be. Do you have any questions? Write to us. We will try to answer.

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